Suggested Readings

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Elliott, David. 2007. ‘Socializing’ Music Education. Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education 6, 4: 60-95. This article provides  a sense of some new praxial themes that will be presented in the 2nd Edition of Music Matters, forthcoming.  FILE

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Regelski, Thomas. In press. Praxialism and ‘Aesthetic This, Aesthetic That, Aesthetic Whatever.’ Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education. A detailed sociological-philosophical examination of the fundamental weakness of aesthetic concepts of the nature and value of music and reasons to support praxial theories.

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Edmonds, David and Warburton, Nigel. 2010. Philosophy Bites. Oxford: Oxford University Press. A collection of brief interviews with leading contemporary philosophers. This little book provides a user-friendly introduction to what philosophy is and how it applies in our lives. A Philosophy Bites ipod app is also available.