7th grader produces concert for music ed.

A Bucks county 7th grader is reaching out to would-be student musicians who don’t have the opportunity he has to learn to play an instrument.

His name is Aaron Albuck. He’s a member of the orchestra and jazz band at Charles Bohem Middle School in Lower Makefield Township. He has set his sights on a unique project for his upcoming spring Bar Mitzvah.

When Aaron needed to come up with a project for his Bar Mitzvah in March, he discovered Musicopia, a non-profit whose program, “Gift of Music” repairs and donates musical instruments to schools.

Albuck has been playing electrical and stand-up bass since he was 6 years old.

“When I play it’s just like everything, on the outside world, all the problems just goes away,” Albuck said. “It’s just you and playing. It’s just great.”

With the help of his parents and Musicopia, Aaron is producing a concert next month to raise money and collect instruments for students who need them.

“The admission is a suggested donation of 18$ or a musical donation; an accessory or musical instrument,” Albuck said, “and the money that’s raised can also help us go into schools we haven’t been able to work with in underserved areas that really need music education.”

Another person who said he just had to be a part of the program is Aaron’s bass teacher, renowned jazz musician Gerald Veasley. “I thought that Aaron, being so unselfish, was so unusual… and the fact that he enjoyed music so much and wanted to share that… I thought was very special.”

Veasley will be a special guest at Aaron’s concert next month. It’s set for Sunday afternoon, February 6th at Beth El Synagogue.

You can get more information about Musicopia by following the link to the charity’s website.

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