Professional Drummer Mike Veny Becomes a Philanthropist Sponsoring Music Education

Mike Veny, professional drummer and drum teacher promotes music education for kids of all ages on his two e-commerce websites through his “You Save – We Donate™” program that benefits the Fender Music Foundation.

Mike Veny has been teaching and playing drums professionally for over 20 years. From his drum studio located in Times Square, New York City, he has built not only a thriving drum lesson business and musical outreach to emotionally and mentally disabled children, but now manages two wildly successful e-commerce enterprises that are helping to fund music education programs nationwide.

Advocating music instruction in schools, Mike Veny donates a portion of each purchase made at and to help fund the efforts of the Fender Music Foundation. This nonprofit foundation provides funding and resources for music programs and music education across the United States; helping kids and adults experience the joys of music first hand. Mike Veny says “Music is an important part of my life and I was fortunate as a child to have a music program in my school. Some kids are not so lucky.”

Performing as a professional drummer since the 11th grade, Mike immersed himself in the world of drumming at an early age. His musical interests range from contemporary Christian music to blues and jazz. He considers himself a “funk drummer at heart”. “I have a passion for music with a strong groove that feels good.” Veny says.

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